About Us

About Us

The Brilliant PearloftheBay is working as food supply chain. We pride ourselves on the being the best experts in Iran and abroad. Our activities include exporting Iranian product and importing ingredients as well as providing consultation for the whole range of steps included in production. We supply the best brands and products.

Our goals:

The Brilliant PearloftheBay provides a wide range of services to meet our customer’s needs.  These services range from the best quality of product services to the best formulations. We provide quality consultation and we supply the best ingredients and materials available. These are our goals.


  • Supply ingredients with the best technologically produced quality from popular companies with renowned international standards.
  • Collaboration with Food Experts providing a platform for them to present their ideas. We introduce ideas to investors and assist these Food Experts in connecting with them.
  • Protect the rights of people with original ideas for new products and manufacturing techniques.
  • Present and introduce the newest of food industries to manufacturers.
  • Improve quality of food products.
  • Improve production and dissemination and improve food processing techniques.
  • Supply orders of machines and food line productions.


  • Provide consultation and collaboration for the development of formulations for new products.
  • Provide consultation and collaborate in the improvement food formulations according marketing need.
  • Supply machines and equipment based on orders from food factories.