Giving Credit in Social Media at Business

There is something very important in psychology that involves giving credit to others. In social media, there is a big opportunity to connect with your business, friends, and your environment. When you like something there, sometimes people think that by doing so, they are giving credit to someone else. That’s true! However, some people avoid giving credit to others because they are jealous and stingy. They try to control others, but the reality is that when you like or re share something, you are improving your environment.
For example, if you like a healthy food or expert, it will benefit you first. But why do some people think they are losing something? It actually fulfills their desires. Some people put likes and comments on girl photos even though their business is not related to fashion. The question is: will the celebrity share her money with them? They are ready to serve celebrity but is celebrity to serve people?
Entertainment business has based on our emotions! In the entertainment business, social media has played a significant role in expanding the industry, but it hasn’t always been fair. It has often been a win-lose game.
When I met Charles Handy and asked him about social media as a tool in business, he was very supportive. I gave him and his wife my Persian handcrafted pen because I thought that since his wife is an artist and he is a philosopher in business, social media could create a win-win business game.
Julia Cameron once said, “A real artist doesn’t strive for fame or advertise for brands. She shares her art and allows people to explore the precious essence within. That is love. That is quality. Conscious people will endorse her because of her art.”
Elon Musk has said, “You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve.”
Today, social media has become a tool where following a celebrity earns them credit, but not following your dream to pursue your art activity can release dopamine and lead to ruining your brain. Your body needs serotonin to be happy, but this way, you haven’t made money yet and you are not truly happy.
It’s important to be mindful of how we build our environment, the type of business we are involved in, how our business generates income, and how our entertainment choices benefit us. It’s crucial to evaluate where we spend our energy and time. Then that’s why for business choosing right social media is very important and you can manage and build your environment with the intention of serving, creating abundance and providing quality, let’s make the best use of social networks to expand your business.