Sohan is a traditional Persian saffron confectionery


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Sohan is a traditional Persian saffron brittle confectionery (one kind of Halva). Its ingredients consist of wheat sproutflouregg yolksrose watersugarbutter or vegetable oilsaffroncardamom, and slices of almond and pistachio. Sohan is crunchy and rich in flavor.

This brittle Sohan is hand-made and the entire culinary process takes several hours resulting in a fantastic Persian Brittle covered with Pistachio. Sohan is a delicious, sweet Persian confection that is perfect with tea or coffee.

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Story (History) of Sohan:

The first recipe of Sohan belongs to Ibrahim Shamaee who presented his recipe as a gift to a representative of the Shah; namely, the chief of Qajar tribe who had come to open an important religious shrine in Qom.

Ibrahim added sugar to halva and a representative of the Shah, who ate the sugar enhanced halva ate it after his lunch and liked its taste. He spoke about a confectionery that it cut me like a rasp (file) that cuts iron while I digested my lunch! The spelling of Sohan in Persian is similar to that of rasp. (سوهان). S(س) O(و) H(ه) A(ا) N(ن). That is why it’s named Sohan. In this way, Sohan has been produced and distributed. At first it was a luxury confectionery for kings and rich people.

The first composition of Sohan consisted of flour, sugar, oil, pistachio, saffron, cardamom, rose water. The texture of Sohan was soft. With the passage of time, with additions such as egg yolk and the replacement of wheat sprout for flour, the texture of Sohan changed to a more tender and brittle confectionary. These changes gave more shelf life for Sohan. Egg yolks help to preserve oil in texture of Sohan. It prevents Sohan dryness. Germ wheat flour helps to increase the nutritional value. Today, sohan-desserts are produced with a soft texture like Halva so that its appearance is soft. Actually its recipe is the recipe of Ibrahim’s Sohan that he had presented to Shah (king of Iran).

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Nutritional Value of Sohan

Wheat sprout, light brown in color, is famous as a natural therapy that is very effective against cancer. The special flavor of Sohan depends on the quality of Sohan and the quality, in turn, depends on the ingredients of Sohan.

The potent anti-cancer properties of Sohan lies in its wheat sprout. Sohan is a plentiful source of protein, is a great source of vitamins B-group and E, and is psychiatric tranquilizer. Wheat germ in this product contains natural sugar that results in muscle energy storage and improved muscle function thereby preventing fatigue. The quality of oil and butter used in baking Sohan is important. Sohan that does not cling to the teeth and binds is desirable. The taste of undesirable Sohan is evident because of the low quality of its ingredients.

Special processing and special devices in baking of Sohan play important roles in the desired quality for Sohan taste and appearance.

Using replacements of butter or ghee, such as margarines and vegetarian fat, reduces Sohan quality, but makes the Sohan less costly. You can set your formulation based on your need but traditional Persian Sohan has its own special recipe.

Saffron exhibits a red color giving Sohan its flavor.  Because of saffron’s high price, turmeric can be used as a substitute. However, inclusion of turmeric gives Sohan a different taste. So, there are different grades of Sohan. Grade A is with ghee and saffron, while other grades use different fat replacers and turmeric.

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Many kinds and types of Sohan are produced and distributed such as Asali-Sohan, Sesame-Sohan, Halva-Sohan, Almond Sohan, Gaz-Sohan, Butter-Sohan, Pashmak-Sohan, dessert Sohan and etc.

The most famous Sohan in Iran comes from Qom city. Other cities, Zarand (Kerman) and Isfahan are producers of Asali-Sohan.

The Iranian National Standards Organization tests microbial and physico-chemical properties of Sohan to prove the health-giving benefits of Sohan.

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