Set of Golden Luxury Pyrex Dispenser (use for luxury hotels and stores)

The Brilliant PearloftheBay brings you the best tasting Middle Eastern Products.

we print logos and brands on my products for making a new, nice and innovative decoration for hotel, coffee shop and shop sore and where ever you want.

Advantages of our product are:

  • Our luxury product is suitable for luxury hotels , shop stores and coffee shops.
  • Metal parts are made of brass and it has covered by gold.
  • Glass is Pyrex and abrasion resistant.
  • Innovative design.


Coffee and nuts dispenser

– Body made of Pyrex glass suitable for abrasive, non-abrasive grain and even oily grain.

– Funnel and cap made of ultra-flex brass plate and coated with gold.

– Standard dimensions: 90 cm high and 16 cm in diameter.

– Easy to fill and unload goods.

– Output with pulling mechanism.

-Suitable for coffee beans, nuts, dried fruits, grains, seeds, smarties, tea and flowing powders and …

– Can be installed on walls, cabinets and buffets, as well as floor using steel holder columns.

– One-year warranty and three years after sales service.

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