Sohan is a healthy confectionery in the world

Discover the magic at Brilliant Pearl of the Bay where ancient Persian health secrets are combined with state-of-the-art knowledge and technology to provide nutritious foods and confectionery to complement a variety of diets and tastes.

At Brilliant Pearl of the Bay we are aware of the dangers of high sugar consumption: this is why we promote the use of traditional Persian products such as malt extract powder as a healthy, mild sweetener, and Sohan as a substitute confectionery.

Sohan has been a luxury product in the Palaces of Persia for centuries. This traditional saffron brittle toffee with the nutritious ingredient of wheat sprout in its formulation {well-known for its health-giving, anti-cancer properties} shines on the Persian table like a Brilliant Pearl of the Bay.  And we, from our brilliant little Persian cottage, are now making this high quality product available to the world.


Order it now, don’t hesitate and contact with us.

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